Dance, visual art, writing, architecture, design…. Art forms do not exist in isolation, but reflect one another and reflect aspects of the world in which they came to light. These art works shed light not only on their era, but also inform our artistic language today. Can music of the Baroque lend context and inspire inquiry into that which connects all the arts, across all eras and that which connects us as participants in the arts, as performer, listener and observer? Our summer series takes its name from this inquiry, Member of our ensemble are joined by guest artists and speakers from a variety of disciplines to explore these connections.

The series takes its name from the book about the great 20th century architect, Louis I. Kahn. Kahn saw architecture as the meeting of the measurable and the unmeasurable. He used the word “Silence” for the unmeasurable, that which is not yet; and the word “Light” for the measurable, for that which is.

The author of this book is John Lobell, an architect who teaches at the Pratt Institute in New York. He joined us for the first concert of the series. He describes Kahn’s vision in this way: “Architecture stands between ourselves and the world. If we define ourselves and the world as measurable, our architecture will be measurable and without Spirit, but if we allow ourselves to be open to the meeting of the measurable and the unmeasurable, our architecture can become a celebration of that meeting and the abode of the Spirit.” (Between Silence and Light, Lobell)



JOnas Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA Louis I. Kahn, Architect

JOnas Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA
Louis I. Kahn, Architect

CONCERT I • Music and ArchItecture
Saturday, June 24, 7:30 p.m.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 40th &  Main

John Lobell, architect, joins us on an exploration of the language of architecture and music, in both the Baroque and modern eras. We will follow this inquiry into the language, gesture and elements of the artist's process seeking connections that might reflect and inform our perception and understanding. Baroque masterworks, and rarely heard gems of the period will provide a context of  aural experience paired with the premiere a new work for period instruments by composer Ian Coleman, commissioned specifically for this series.

Friday, July 14, 7:30 p.m
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 40th &  Main

This second concert of the series features Dr. Ron Witzke as speaker and as baritone soloist. Silence and the search for beauty was the underlying catalyst in the evolution of Makoto Fujimura's artistic voice. Ron leads us on an exploration of Fujimura's journey of artistic expression which was inspired by the novel, SILENCE, by Shūsaku Endō. How does silence, both purposeful and imposed, influence the artist's process? How does a composer's use of silence impact our listening experience? The second of Ian Coleman’s newly commissioned works will be premiered featuring Ron Witzke as baritone soloist. 

Artwork of Makoto Fujimura

Artwork of Makoto Fujimura


CONCERT III • Music and Dance
FRIDAY, August 11, 7:30 p.m
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 40th &  Main

No two art forms are more intrinsically connected than dance andmusic, each informing and drawing inspiration from the other. Jennifer Owen and members of the Owen/Cox Dance Group join KC Baroque in this concert of Baroque dance forms and modern interpretation, with the premiere of the third work of Ian Coleman's Between Silence and Light series.